Please join us for our inaugural Tokyo Joe’s & Team Link Hooksett 2019 Strongman Competition & Open House on Saturday, July 13, 2019. The strongman competition will begin at 9am, and go until approx. 12pm. It will be followed by an Open House with a cookout, strongman activities for the kids, bouncy house, and open mat !

This competition is purely a novice event where people who are curious about the sport can come and try it out, have fun and raise some money for the Hooksett Food Pantry and The Kids Closet. The event is open for anyone to come watch and have some fun!

This year we will have 4 weight classes:
– Men’s 229.9 and below
– Men’s 230 and above
– Women’s 144.9 and below
– Women’s 145 and above

Order of Events:

1. Medley – wheelbarrow/farmers carry/ husafell stone (90 seconds)
– chalk, belt, wrist wraps, knee/ elbow/ calf and forearm sleeves allowed.
– implements can be set down and restarted from where competitor stopped secured forward motion (ie:. Not where the implement lands if the implement is thrown forward as it is being lost.)
– if the course is not completed, distance from the start of the last implement will be measured abd recorded.

2. Axle Bar clean and press (most repetitions in 60 seconds)
-weight women’s lw – 90 lbs, women’s hw – 110 lbs, men’s lw – 170 lbs, men’s hw – 190 lbs
– the bar starts on the ground hands off at a dead stop each rep
– bar is held overhead at lockout with feet underneath roughly shoulder width apart to complete movement.
– chalk, belt, wrist wraps, knee/ elbow/ calf and forearm sleeves allowed.
– any technique is available to raise over head (ie: clean and press, clean and jerk, snatch, etc)

3. Truck pull by harness ( course length in 60 seconds)
-course length women’s lw – 20 yards, women’s hw – 25 yards, men’s lw – 30 yards, men’s hw – 35 yards.
– implement will be a pickup truck with driver placed in neutral.
– athlete will be harnessed to truck and there will be a rope attached at the far end of the parking lot to use for pull/leverage
– gloves allowed, spiked cleats not allowed.

4. Weight over high bar ( 3 implements in 30 seconds)
Women- 10 lb kettlebell, 15 lb kettlebell, 25 lb punching bag over 10 foot high bar.
Men – 15 lb kettlebell, 25 lb punching bag, 45 lb punching bag over 12 foot bar.

-Weight is to be released with back to the bar using a swinging throw. No shot put or hay bail throw.
-Weights can be thrown in any order
– fastest time of all three implements over bar wins, followed by most weight if timed out (ie: 25 + 45 beats 15 + 25)
– chalk can be used

* Break for team bus pull competition
– teams of 2 men and 2 women pull a school bus ($10 buy in)

5. Deadlift for max weight
– 3 attempts
– competitor calls the weight
– 27mm deadlift bar to be used
– chalk, belt, wrist wraps, wrist straps, knee/ elbow/ calf and forearm sleeves allowed.
– no deadlift suit
– must deadlift conventional, no sumo
-Bar must be lifted from ground to lockout
– hitching allowed

$40.00 to enter. Pre-Registration closes July 1st. Registration fees will be donated to charity, T-shirts are given to participants.

Register Online Here!